St Neots Town Football Club have been advised that the recent Huntingdonshire Football Association Senior Challenge Cup Semi Final versus Godmanchester Rovers will have to be replayed due to an illegal substitution being made by ourselves. The tie ended in a 3-0 win for the Saints however a County Cups Sub-Committee sat on Saturday 30th January to discuss the matter.

In the 88th minute of the tie, with ourselves 3-0 up, St Neots Town attempted to make a fourth change of the evening, replacing Jordan Brown with Israel Ajana. This substitution was duly allowed to take place by the Match Referee and the Assistant Referee on the dugout side of the Premier Plus Stadium pitch.

It was only after we had been allowed to make this change that it became painfully apparent that this should not have been allowed to happen. Straight away we held our hands up to the error (Senior Cup rules allow three from a possible five subtitutes whilst the United Counties League allow five from five names substitutes to be used if needed) and contacted the local Football Association admitting the mistake.

At this time of writing, we are currently waiting to be advised of the date of the replay, however we can confirm that the tie will be played at the Premier Plus Stadium. As soon as we are aware of the new date, we will release any details.